About Us

Our Story

Minnesota Hemp Farms, Inc. was founded in 2016 by John Strohfus who was the first to plant Hemp in Minnesota since the 1950's prohibition.   We are a privately held corporation and self funded.  Minnesota Hemp Farms operates within the full lifecycle of hemp, delivering goods into the Food, Fiber and CBD extract supply chains.   

We recognize that being first or the biggest doesn't necessarily make you the best.  However, we believe our tremendous success as a young company has been the result of laser focused hard work, safe high quality product manufacturing, priced competitively with the global market. 

Minnesota Hemp Farms offers semi load quantities of hemp ingredients such as Hulled Hempseed (Hemp Hearts), Roasted Hempseed, Protein Powders (Flour) and Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Hempseed Oil.  Our customers include food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers and direct to consumer national brands.  

We can provide processed hemp products in bulk or private label them directly into your brand, with the volume price levels needed as you scale. 

We are vertically integrated through a tightly controlled network of growers and FDA licensed partner processors with the most stringent quality controls.  

Our retail CPG brand is Field Theory™ "Bring Hemp to Life™" and is available fine retail grocery, health food outlets as well as online

For grain and fiber growers we sell AOSCA certified hemp planting seed and offer crop buy-back via full production contracts.